"At V I O R we believe in interactive first.

We are humans, we use our senses to interact with the world around us. 

Virtual Interactive Online Resources believes that there should be an ethical and moral leader for these technologies that benefit all involved. 

This is why I started V I O R, to put the humanity back into interactivity".

- Richard Jenkins



There doesn't seem to be a single community forum that incorporates all interactive technologies. Are you a VR/AR or Virtual Tour provider? We provide a community forum for all businesses in the Interactive technology industry. This includes Virtual Tours, 360 interactive video, Digital Storybooks, virtual reality, augmented reality and all interactive digital experiences. We would love to have you part of our community. Join below. 



Collaboration is hard when we can't meet together. There is amazing people with amazing technology being developed everyday from around the world. V I O R wants to work with you. We collaborate with technology and resource providers around the world that are leading in interactivity. What to meet them? Start by joining the community below. 


Businesses need to make money to survive and be sustainable. If 2020 taught us anything, its that businesses need alternative revenue streams that aren't reliant on the physical realm now more than ever. We help businesses do this by maximising their revenue potential through interactive technology platforms. Get started below. 



Want to start your own business in Interactive technology? We are working with industry leaders to develop a certified training programme so you can get up to speed asap with everything you need to know. Register your interest below. 

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Vior logo single letter favicon red.png


We do all this through a simple easy to use platform which allows businesses to connect, collaborate and do business with both B2B and B2C. We can't wait to meet and be with you on your journey. 


Digital Life 

Our modern world has many digital services which aim to bridge the gaps of face to face interaction, while also providing experiences that wouldn't be possible face to face. We aim to connect companies from around the world which provide these technologies as a business directory. Advertising, connecting and collaborating with technology providers. Building a network dedicated to maximising access to these technologies while boosting the businesses online presence. 


As we become more reliant on these technologies we need to be fully aware of the different ways they can be utilised. All technologies have their uses for good, for convenience and to help us on our journey through life. However, people with bad intent will use any resource available to fulfil their intent. At V I O R we are working with industry leaders to provide a knowledge base of best practices to assist service providers in mitigating risk for all Virtual Interactive Online Resources. 


As we work with these technology providers from around the world we have a unique opportunity to showcase these capabilities and to work with industry partners to maximise the value of these technologies. Take a look at some of the work we have done so far.